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the Noble Rodent at Worldcon, part four [Sep. 9th, 2007|10:20 pm]
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The previous three parts can be found at the following URLs:


side note about walking
While most of my walks were to the nearby malls for food, I did manage one morning to stroll along the promenade. While the route made some odd twists and turns, as long as I followed the route marked on the map (there were also disks on the pavement showing blazing the way), I did not have to cross vehicular traffic. I wish that I have remembered my camera since part of the route wound through a sculpture garden; there was a arch made of metal shipping containers, another set of concrete circles (reminding of Time Tunnel), a gently sloping waterfall filled with aquatic creatures. I also enjoying the walk up French(?) Hill.

I spend much of the morning frantically packing to leave since I had to cut my vacation short. When I finally checked out, I wandered to the a bit of the Mars panel and then to the Closing Ceremonies. While much was typical (discounting the dual languages), I was amused that Brin received the final of the dark or "anti" Seiun award; at least part of this years anti-Seiun award seemed to be a Daruma doll; I wonder how Brin managed to fit it in his luggage. Brin said that he would have to take care not to bring this anti-Seiun too near the two Seiuns that he won in years past lest he endanger the safety of the world; one wag commented that unhappy event might lead to an American sequel to Komatsu's 日本沈没, Nihon Chinbotsu, call California Sinks. Michael Whelan also bid his farewells since both Brin and Whelan had to leave to catch their flights. The ceremony continued with the other GOHs who were present and the congradulations were given to the ConStaff who made the convention possible. Thanks were given to those fans who help out with the person who had been hospitalized. I needed to leave early to meet with some fan about next years convention in Denver.

The remainder of the day I spend mostly volunteering. I started as part of the human chain to prevent people from leaving through the wrong exit (which, unfortunately was next to the lockers and the cold drinks machine). I next help with the cleanup of the exhibit hall whiile trying not to get run over by the various trucks and vans loading the packed displays. I ended my volunteer work by helping out the Japanese fans at the loading dock. I tried to help out where I could, but even my fellow NESFAns (past and present) did a prodigious amounts of work; I cannot help but feel the slacker.

The Dead-Dog party had surprisingly tasty food. I did discuss the differences between fandom in Japan and in the USA while sampling the snacks. Regretablly, I had to leave for the Tokyo International Hostel; even there, I received excellent directions on which trains/subways to take (many thanks).

Note on Stickers
Throughout the convention, I exchanged stickers with various fans and organization (such as the Heinlein Society and the various bidders for future Worldcon sites). I should mention that a few people stamped their design in ink and one person made an ink drawing. Many of the stickers were photographs, often of themselves in some science fictional situation though there were also pets, trains, rockets, musical instruments, fireworks and even an X-ray of a seashell . A number were drawings, calligraphy or computer-generated images. While most stickers were rectangular, a few were round and one was "X" shaped. While most people had just one sort of sticker, a few had several types and one fellow had a different sticker for each day of the convention.

In conclusion, I am glad that I went to Nippon07. The Japanese fans did put in a lot of hard work and, though none may ever end up reading this blog, I do wish to thank them for their efforts. I must bid my few readers goodbye since I still seem to be in this perpetual jetlag.